Australian left-handed batsman, David Warner has defended his controversial six off Mohammad Hafeez.

In an Instagram video, the Australian batter can be seen answering a man who asked him why he hit Hafeez for a six when “it was by mistake, it slipped from his hand.”

“It wasn’t by mistake,” Warner can be seen answering the man, shaking his head. “He was trying to see what I was gonna do. So, he was gonna bowl and stop, to see whether I was coming down the wicket, to see what I was gonna do,” he added. “That’s what happened.”

The video may have been recorded at the day of the final because another man seems to ask Warner whether he was going to hit a fifty today. The Australian batter chuckled in response but said nothing.

Former Indian spinner Harbhajan Singh had also regretted Warner’s act, saying that the Australian batsman should have let the ball go.

“Though it was within the rules, it should not have happened. It doesn’t convey a good message. We have also got a similar chance in the past but we didn’t do that,” he had said on his YouTube channel a few days ago.

Australia defeated Pakistan in the semi-final by five wickets and later they won the world cup as well. 


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