Age-wise breakdown given for the first time

The Election Commission of Pakistan or ECP has released a voter list containing 121,199,970 active voters across the country.

Punjab is on the top with 69 million voters. “More than half of all active voters live in Punjab,” the ECP said.

This was followed by Sindh with 25,582,000 registered voters in the province.

According to the ECP’s list, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa stands at third with 20,611,000 active voters and Balochistan has 5,037,000 active electoral strength.

Islamabad has over 900,000 registered voters. In the gender breakup, male voters form 55% of the list and the remaining 45% or 54,439,799 voters are women.

This is the first time that the commission has released data according to voter age. There are 23,589,000 voters between the ages of 18 and 25 years.
Balochistan has the highest number of 18-25-year-old voters. There are 1,102,617 voters under the age of 25 which makes 21.8% of total voters in the province.

Sindh has the lowest number of under-25 voters (18.4% of total voters).

The age group that would have the most impact on the next elections is the 26 to 35 year segment. They form more than a quarter of total voters (26.38% to be precise) in the country.


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