ISLAMABAD: Both houses of parliament on Friday witnessed the opposition’s outcry over the fresh wave of price hike, with its lawmakers chiding Prime Minister Imran Khan for his criticism of the past rulers for increase in prices of petroleum products and power tariff and devaluation of the rupee and calling them thieves for the same from atop a container before coming into power.

At the very outset of the Senate proceedings, Leader of the Opposition in the House Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani told the chair that many opposition lawmakers would like to speak on price hike. He also announced that a token walkout would be staged by the opposition as a mark of protest against the government’s anti-people policies.

Later, PPP’s Mustafa Nawaz Khokhar also lodged a protest when the house continued with the routine business, saying the agenda should be suspended to take up the issues facing the people. “Lives of the people have been ruined and we are behaving in a manner as if everything is normal,” he said, pointing out that sugar was being sold at Rs160 per kg.


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