Upon clicking the logo, the users are redirected to a page with hundreds of posts under the hashtag #LoveThisGroup

People have shared these posts in Facebook’s community groups, using the hashtag #LoveThisGroup. 

However, there is a reason behind the use of this hashtag. 

Last month, Facebook announced the launch of first-ever Facebook Community Awards to bring into spotlight the positive impact created by Facebook Groups. 

“People come to Facebook to connect with friends and family. Over time, it has also become a place to connect with others around the world who share the same interests. This evolution would not exist without community builders and the impact they’ve made,” said Facebook in a statement. 

The first-ever Facebook Community Awards feature 22 nominees across seven categories.

These nominees include Facebook groups that are doing meaningful work and bringing people together across various interests and topics. 

Out of these 22 nominees, seven groups will receive the awards which comes with a prize of $50,000 and support from Facebook to grow these groups.

To help select the winners, Facebook gave people a chance to vote for their favorite groups using the hashtag #LoveThisGroup.

Voting was open from October 7 to October 22 and the awards will be given during the annual Facebook Communities Summit today. 

The summit will be streamed live on Facebook at 9 am Pacific Time (9 pm Pakistan Time). Facebook users can register for the event using this link 


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