NEW DELHI – Member of Indian Lok Sabha and Congress leader Udit Raj said Indian PM Narendra Modi staged the Pulwama attack for the sake of power.

Raj on Saturday exposed that ‘PM Modi’s drama’ over his security breach had proved that he had staged the Pulwama attack in which 40 Indian troops were killed in a bomb attack.

The ugly face of Modi led fascist government was once again exposed, and Islamabad’s stance on the Pulwama attack proved to be true as it has emerged that India had its soldiers killed and then blamed Pakistan to be in public eyes and to win polls.

The Congress leader added that had central reserve police force personnel were purportedly killed as they were rushed via land instead of the airlift.

His statements come after the Indian premier claimed conspiracy after his convoy was stranded for 15-20 minutes atop a flyover in Indian Punjab while en route to Ferozepur. He commented after Punjab Congress chief Navjot Singh Sidhu also called the Modi’s security breach a drama.

Previously, other Indian stateman including former Congress president Rahul Gandhi raised questions on the Pulwama attack.

Pakistan has also debunked the Pulwama attack as conspiracy as evidence surfaced while BJP leader kept taking political benefits after killing 40 soldiers and wanted to appease his voters by taking action against Pakistan.

Indian journalist Arnab Goswami, who is close to Modi, was also aware of the Pulwama attack. He said that there would be a bigger operation against Pakistan than usual saying something out of the ordinary was about to happen in Kashmir.


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