Internet is a need of survival for the world, professional and personal work can be catered through it in no time, but lagging internet connectivity surely does get on everyone’s nerves.

According to NDTV, a man surnamed Lan in China has been sentenced to seven years in jail as he lost his mind over receiving a slow internet connection. Frustrated with the slow speed, he set the internet equipment on fire, authorities have said. 

Last June, in an internet café in southern Guangxi province, Lan got frustrated with the connection speed spilling over.

In response, he destroyed a public box containing optical fibre network cables, a local court said in a statement on Monday.

The court said: “The man used a lighter to set a napkin he had on him on fire, then burned down a telecommunications box at a traffic intersection”.

Approximately 4,000 households and offices, including a public hospital were left stranded of internet access because of the fire, the connection was lost for 28 to 50 hours, as reported.

“After the incident, public security officials seized Lan’s instrument of crime — a lighter,” according to the court in Cenxi.

It is reported that for destroying public telecommunications facilities, Lan was later slapped with a seven-year jail term.


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