Meghan Markle ‘had to shrink’ down to fit into Royal Family
Meghan Markle ‘had to shrink’ down to fit into Royal Family

A royal expert has made a startling revelation regarding the alleged lengths Meghan Markle went to ‘fit’ into the Royal Family.

This claim has been issued by royal biographer and journalist Tina Brown.

According to Express UK, she started by explaining how Meghan Markle “just couldn’t comprehend” the royal family’s requirements of her.

She was even quoted saying, “Even as Meghan became bigger on the global stage, like Alice in Wonderland she had to shrink into the voiceless requirements of service to the Crown.”

“She just couldn’t comprehend that. For an actress, star power is leverage,” Ms Brown added.

In Ms Brown’s eyes Meghan reportedly started feeling like Alice in Wonderland at one point.

Especially since, “If you don’t get what you want as an actress, it’s, “Call my agent!”

“But if you’re in the Palace and you’re married to the sixth in line, however big your star power, you are not that important to the Palace.”

I do understand how extremely frustrating that was,” she even went as far as to add.

“Frankly, she could have done a great deal to change things had she stuck around, but the thing that’s most baffling is such impatience. She could have spent a year away and come back with a great game plan.”


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